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Oxfam – Its Days Were Numbered And Rightly So

Oxfam is facing the decline of its all-encompassing imperial rule. It is abusive, outdated and one of the last bastions of colonialism and patriarchy.

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Headlines Media & Half Truths – Beware

Beware of the headlines they are half-truths that do not necessarily represent our best interests. Rather they are following the elite’s cultural hegemony. But the media is owned by billionaires. So, instead of protecting our democracy and liberty, the rightwing media perverts it.

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How Trump’s Obliterating Black Legacy And History

As Black People fight for Black History to be recognised, Trump is trying to obliterate a black legacy. Barack Obama. The Obama’s are a thorn in the side of Trump and all those with a reductionist view of Black people. Trump’s raison d’etre is to remove the legacy of Obama and with it the idea of Black respectability.

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Sleaze Balls – The Presidents Club In The New Sexual Age

Sexual misconduct, like that at the Presidents Club happens all the time. But the closure of the Presidents Club is evidence that there is a new sexual age dawning.

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PFI Means Bust and Walk The Public Will Pay

Private Finance Initiative (PFI) is provided under the guise of ‘efficiency’ and being ‘cost effective’. That is nonsense.  It has created a welfare state for big business.  They go bust and walk away, leaving the ‘inefficient’ public purse to pay.

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Ending Net Neutrality Silences Black Women

Black women and communities will be the biggest losers if net neutrality ends. And that comes at the expense of social justice, education and democracy. So, the Senate must restore net neutrality or the only people with voices will be rich white men.

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Healthy Food That Is Unhealthy 7 To Avoid

It’s unfortunate but true, we have come to rely on the pseudo-scientific instructions of marketeers for our dietary needs.  Out of the window has gone our precious food culture and knowledge on how to cook and eat.  And in are unhealthy foods marketed as healthy food. Here are 7 to avoid.

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New Zimbabwe Already Feels Very Old

A new Zimbabwe requires dismantling the oppression from Ian Smith’s Rhodesia, not taking it over. But that is exactly what the ruling ZANU-PF junta is doing.

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